Discover the extensive services of Tyba Plastics, where we proudly use our 75-ton injection molding machine to realize 24/7 production. We go further than just producing; we offer a complete service, from product development to project management.

We are an attractive partner specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), because we provide high-quality production at competitive rates. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in developing your product and guiding your project from start to finish.

Do you already have an existing mold and are you experiencing problems during production? Our team of troubleshooters is ready to take on the challenges together with you, so that you can quickly produce a successful series again. We understand that every detail counts.

Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to convert your ideas into tangible products using our advanced 3D printer. With this we are not only taking steps in production, but also in innovation. Tyba Plastics is your partner for high-quality production and full support on the road to success.